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Integrated Solar Battery System

Home battery features the safest lithium
ion battery technology, and the most
compact design.

  • A proprietary semi-gel electrolyte with nanoparticle coated separator and graphene conductive additive that improve thermal stability, ionic transfer paths and mitigates dendrite growth – which lead to higher cell performance and cycle-life.

  • Patented iBatteryTM BMS technology, provides microsecond level single cell switching with real-time dynamic adjustments and monitors the temperature and internal resistance of each series of cells in real time.

E10 -  Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Home Energy                       Storage Product

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E10 incorporates advanced Materials Science and Electronics innovations to provide world-class battery performance and safety:


Fire Extinguishing

Capsulated Aerosol fire extinguisher is installed. The Aerosol blocks the heated surface from contacting O2 for further exothermic reaction, upon release, the particles fill the enclosure space within 3 seconds to stop fire occurring in extreme situations.


Thermal Isolation

Aerogel insulation pads are applied for breaking thermal links between battery cells inside the battery module. It’s low thermal conductivity* and low density** provides thermal isolation without compromising the product weight.


*Low thermal conductivity at 0.018 W/m-K, more insulating than standing air.

** Low density at 0.375 g/cm3, much lighter than epoxy pads


Radiation Cooling

Proprietary nano-material surface coating is applied on the enclosure to allow heat -exchange, not only with the surrounding but also with the outer space (-270°C), which keeps the battery cool under direct sun exposure in hot climate.


Silicone Heating

Silicone heating pad is applied for outdoor use in cold climates. The heating operation is optimized by the BMS to preheat the battery to its optimum operating temperature before use.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Our optimized circuit design and proprietary ECM algorithm achieved the battery pack state-of-charge SOC estimation accuracy <3% which allows more energy and power to be drawn from the pack than conventional designs.


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)


Battery cell is the most important component of every energy storage device. We selected Lithium Iron Phosphate from CATL for batter reliability, product safety and longevity (6000 cycles*).


*1C/1C, 100% depth-of-discharge, 80% capacity retention, guaranteed performance from CATL


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